As a requirement of AS 4349.1-2007 This agreement must be entered into prior to a building inspection being carried out.

Contracted Parties


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Contact name: David Johns
Email: davidj@drjprojects.com.au

Contact Numbers: Phone 0499 000 933

Agreement Number: 11/001

Property to be inspected

Inspection and Report: This inspection will be in accordance with AS 4349.1-2007. This inspection shall be limited to a visual inspection as per condition of AS4349.1 – 2007 Pre-purchase inspections Residential buildings. You can obtain a copy of this standard from David R Johns Project management at your cost. Upon execution of this instrument of agreement, we will carry out the inspection as ordered by you. You also agree to pay for the inspection and report upon delivery of the report. On signing this agreement you agree that the inspection will be carried out in accordance with the following clauses which define scope and limitation

Scope of the Inspection

  1. The inspection will comprise a visual assessment of the property at the time of the inspection and in accordance with AS 4349.1 – 2007 section 2.3
  2. The purpose of this inspection is to identify major defects and to advise the prospective purchaser regarding the condition of the property and to assist with the purchase decision.
  3. The inspection shall consist a visual assessment of items listed in Appendix C of AS 4349.1-2007 and to 30m from the building within the boundary of the property.
  4. The inspection will be carried out in the follow areas.
    • Interior of the building,
    • The roof space,
    • The exterior of the building,
    • The sub floor space,
    • The roof exterior,
    • The property within 30m of the building
  5. The extent of assessable areas shall be determined by the inspector at the time of the inspection. The inspector shall include only areas that are within the inspector’s line of sight and close enough to enable reasonable appraisal.
  6. Access will be determined under the conditions of AS 4349.1-2007 section 3.2
    • Roof interior: 400mm x 500mm crawl space, 600mm x 600mm access, Access from 3.6m Ladder
    • Roof exterior: accessible with a 3.6m ladder placed on ground with certified fall prevention system installed, otherwise a visual inspection from top of ladder on all four elevations will be conducted.
    • Sub floor: Where considered safe to do so. Sub Floor areas sprayed with chemicals will not be inspected unless considered safe to do so
    • Internally: The inspector will conduct a non-invasive inspection limited to accessible areas.


  1. The Inspection will not involve any invasive inspection including cutting, breaking apart or removing objects or materials.
  2. The inspection report compares the inspected building with the building that was constructed in accordance with the acceptable standards at the time of Construction
  3. The inspection excludes inside walls between floors inside skillion roofs, inside eaves, behind stored goods in cupboards and any other concealed or obstructed areas.
  4. The report is not to be deemed a compliance certificate or that the property complies with any act, regulation or ordinance.
  5. The report WILL NOT specifically look or report on Timber pest activity. It is recommended you have an inspector carried out in accordance with AS4349.1 Timber Pest Inspections. However timber pest Damage will be reported if found.
  6. ASBESTOS: No inspection for asbestos will be carried out. If asbestos is noted as present within the property. Then you agree to seek advice from a qualified asbestos removal expert as to the amount and importance of the asbestos present and the cost of sealing or removing.
  7. If the property is occupied you must be aware furnishings or household items may conceal evidence of problems.


  1. In the event of a dispute or claim arising from the inspection report either party may give written notice of the dispute or claim to the other party. If the dispute or claim is not resolved within 14 days from the service of notice then either party may refer the dispute or claim to an independent mediator. The cost shall be met equally by both parties or as agreed as part of the mediation.
  2. The report may not be sold to any other party without express written permission.
  3. We will not be liable for any loss, damage or cost suffered by any person other than you in connection with this report. We may be liable to only those named on the face page of this agreement.

Instrument of Agreement

Cost of the Pre purchase building inspection report in accordance with AS 4349.1-2007 report including special requirements by the client:

Cost of the Visual Timber Pest Report in accordance with AS 4349.3-1998

Agreement Number: 11/001

Client Authorisation