Quality Assurance Policy

Quality Management

David R Johns Project Management has established a Quality Assurance System complying with the International and Australian Quality Assurance Standard ASINZS ISO 9001 and the related quality system guidelines for construction ASINZS ISO 3905.2. Our Quality Assurance System is subject to periodic surveillance and audit. David R Johns Project Management Quality Policy is focused on systematic techniques, which provide a high level of confidence that the ultimate objective(customer satisfaction) will be achieved.

Project Quality Plan

Implemenation of David R Johns Project Management Quality Policy at the project level is achieved through the implemenation of a project specific Project Quality Plan.

The Project Quality Plan establishes the project requirements for quality assurance and provides the necessary framework which ensures all personnel are working to clearly defined and measurable quality objectives.

Key areas covered by the plan would include but not necessarily limited to:

Implemenation of the Project Quality Plan is assured through a combination of formal internal audit and management review at defined intervals. To ensure objectivity, personnel independent of the areas being audited and reviewed perform audits and reviews.

Key on-site activities and processes are controlled through the provision of documented Inspection and Test Plans. Inspection and Test Plans detail the verification steps in the process, who performs the inspection or test and at what stage of the work, how the inspection and test is to be carried out and recorded and what acceptance criteria is to be satisfied.